How to stay creative after a baby…

I haven’t managed to write post-baby yet so here goes! I’ve been looking for inspiration for this latest post and have turned to my own experience to try and get my blogging mojo back! I’ve been finding it very tough to focus on my other 2 creative outlets – leather making and social media consultancy – since having my second child and consequently this has left me feeling a bit frazzled and frustrated. Having thought about possible solutions, I decided I’d turn them into a few tips on this week’s blog… Continue reading “How to stay creative after a baby…”


I’ve just finished reading Emma Gannon’s The Multi-Hyphen Method and thought this week I’d publish a quick review. Perhaps some of you are like me and trying to decide between (or juggle several) career options. This is primarily why I picked up the book – that and the insatiable social media hype surrounding its launch, let’s be honest! I hoped it would help me clarify some of the fog surrounding what I should do next and the idea of learning more about someone with a multi-stream income appealed to me. Read on to find out what I thought… Continue reading “EMMA GANNON – ‘THE MULTI-HYPHEN METHOD’ REVIEW”



So suddenly we are 2 weeks into 2019 and for the last month or so I have been feeling under immense pressure to reflect on the past year, plan out the next one, lay down objectives, create achievable goals, strategise and- all I feel right now is overwhelmed. Anyone else feeling it too? Continue reading “BE MORE REBEL”


I’m super excited to write this week as I had my first taste of selling my leather products at a small artisan Christmas fair last weekend. I had a great experience, (despite the cold and the location being slightly out of town), so this week I want to share a few things I learned that may also help you if you decide to embark on a similar handmade journey… Continue reading “10 TIPS FOR A SUCCESSFUL FIRST CRAFT FAIR”