Who am I?

Well hey there! I’m Zoe.

Coach, Creator, Mischief Maker, dreaming of a life where I can live by my values of FREEDOM, ADVENTURE, CONNECTION & DISRUPTION, creating a positive impact through doing things that make me feel alive and plenty of playful disruption!

I believe in living my best life, having fun and always keeping things Rock ‘n’ Roll. I’m also a mum of two rebellious children, a self-development nerd, motorbike-lover and podcast addict!

My story…

I’ve often felt like a misfit in my life because people just don’t know where to put me! I seem unable to tick the right boxes, fit the expected stereotype or choose the correct label for who I am and what lights me up. I mean, have you ever met a Footwear Designer who was also a Mechanic in the British Army Reserves?! That’s me! A creative idea-generator, a lover of the outdoors, an adventure-seeker with an insatiable curiosity for experiencing everything and everywhere the world has to offer.

For the longest time I felt like I didn’t belong anywhere with these traits. Or rather, I enjoyed such a wide variety of interests and picked up so many skills that how could I possibly limit myself to just one thing and call it my career or even purpose? I wasted years calling myself a ‘Jack of all Trades’ in the most negative sense of the phrase, and lost myself trying to find my ‘one thing’ that I could truly excel at. This sense of losing my identity or not knowing my purpose was only amplified when I had my children and it all got a little bit heavy to be honest.

But one day in 2021 all that changed when I read for the first time ever THE REST of that famous saying which most of us NEVER HEAR!!

“A jack of all trades is a master of none, but oftentimes better than a master of one.”

Wow. Mind blown. Someone wiser than me once thought having many talents, skills and interests was actually worthy of complimenting.

What’s next?

Slowly, I’ve allowed myself to stop tirelessly pursuing my ‘one thing’ and I’m learning to embrace my gifts as a professional multi-hyphenate! Not only that, but I’ve put aside this obsession for a sense of purpose in favour of creating more opportunities for just having fun instead. Why did I ever feel the need to fit into a box, anyway?! I’ve found my rebel spirit and I’m now determined to live life by my own rules, being fully ME and, through The Mischief Movement podcast and coaching, I get to help other adventurous, unconventional women who feel trapped by the daily grind rebel against the ordinary and choose a life they don’t want to escape from!

I heard once that ‘your mess is your message’ and if that’s true, then my mission is to be your facilitator of fun, advocate for adventure and catalyst for change.  I want to empower, inspire, motivate and educate other badass humans like you to get more out of your life; think differently, have more fun, be disruptive, learn to play and create a bigger impact by being fully YOU, especially the quirky parts! I want to take this idea of doing more things that make us feel alive and embracing ALL of ourselves and turn it into a whole ‘mischief movement’ where the essence is about living a fulfilled life, giving back and creating a positive impact.

I’m now bringing my dream life into reality and I’d love nothing more than to be able to help you do the same! If you’d like to connect with me, you can find me on Instagram @themischiefmovement or LinkedIn and let’s start the conversation.

Who knows? Maybe we can shake things up and start making mischief together!

Zoe x

Do you dream about more fun, freedom and adventure?
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