On 23rd January 2023, after more than two years of wishing and waiting, I published the trailer for my podcast. The Mischief Movement Podcast is for people looking for more Hell Yeah in their life! A one-way ticket out of midlife-mediocracy towards fun and positive impact, via playful-disruption! Wouldn’t you love to wake up and feel like a total badass?! How about breaking some rules, throwing 2 fingers up to society  and doing more of the things you love? I’m talking full on freedom, adventure and those meaningful connections I know you’ve been craving. Stop waiting for your amazing life to happen and go get it! Each week I’ll be picking the brains of some true gamechangers and mischief-makers so I can share what I find and hopefully inspire you to shake things up, do more of what makes you feel alive and boldly rebel against the ordinary! I’ve no idea what I’m doing to be honest, but I’ve got a mission and I’m here to start a movement! It’s gonna be quite the adventure – care to join me?! Click here to listen or download directly from Apple podcasts and Spotify…

Do you dream about more fun, freedom and adventure?
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