A. When she’s designing gloves!

That’s right, this week I have been asked to sketch a couple of ski gloves and a football goalie glove for a company not too far away, in Bolzano. It was quite a nice challenge that prompted me to ask myself, if I can design shoes, what else can I design? And can a designer interchange easily between one field and another? I think they can. If you can understand the design process, you can then apply your knowledge of trends, timescales, dealing with factories and liaising with clients to so many different products. If you are capable of designing, I think you can design almost anything; you just need to study the construction of something to understand the technical aspects that will be a fundamental part of that design.

Anyway, I’ve decided to post my first attempts at technical gloves. Obviously, my knowledge of the technical construction is pretty limited but aesthetically I am pleased with the outcomes. See what you think!


Zoe x

Reusch Ski Glove Ideation

Reusch Ski Glove sketches

Reusch Woman's Ski Glove Reusch Men's Ski Glove Reusch Goalkeeper glove

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