So the great Google Gods or spirits of social media have brought you knocking at my website door and now you’ve no idea where to click, right?

OK, let’s make this nice and easy…

If you came here by accident, you may be wondering who I am so head straight for the ABOUT page to find out more. Then feel free to stay and take a look around my blog!

If you’re a creative small business, fashion/footwear brand or independent maker looking for social media consultancy, you’ve come to the right place. Click on the SOCIAL MEDIA page above

If you are a looking for a Footwear Designer, the FOOTWEAR DESIGN page has some examples of previous work. I’ve taken a break from the world of shoes in recent years but will gladly jump back in for the right project!

If you’re a fellow leatherworker or a buyer of  leather goods just having a nose around, by all means stop by the HANDMADE LEATHER GOODS page but there’s far more to see over on Instagram @mischiefandhide